FAQ & Key Tips to Ensure Success at International Trade Shows

Selecting the ‘right’ trade show

This decision should relate to your growth country priorities and should be driven by reaching your optimal attendee demographics. A new market entry is a commitment and investment that takes time, persistence, and patience, and how you present your company, products and brand in your exhibit stand can have a major impact on your ROI.

Reserve Your Space Early

A lead-time of 12 months is common. Reserve early to get the best space options. Reserve a booth large enough (72m², 90m², 96m² standard) to offer seating and barista in-booth hospitality is common.

Why should companies consider exhibiting internationally?

Overseas exhibits are the perfect way to not only expand your brand outside of your existing market, but also test new and emerging marketplaces. No matter what service or product you provide, exhibitions gather all the decision makers in your field together in once place, at one time.

Stand-Booth Construction

When there are no plans or capabilities to store exhibits, most exhibitors choose rental custom, modular structures, or hybrid - combination of both. In some countries build-and-burn exhibits are common. Booth design is a big consideration and determined by your budget and show objectives. Many options are available. Choose your exhibit builder carefully and consider various options.

Labor build-up and removal at fairground

Exclusive venue/general contractor labor jurisdictions exist with trade fairs worldwide. Understanding and respect of labor regulations is key to reducing costs. Ordering exclusive facility services (i.e.: utilities, internet, daily cleaning, rigging, catering to list a few) in advance is a must in all major countries. All major exhibition centers, fairgrounds have its own exclusive service jurisdictions. Exhibit builders/stand contractors or organizers do not control jurisdictional rules, only abide by them.

Floor Structure

Most countries a raised 10cm platform, along with an aluminum L-profile edge is standard. Guidelines require access ramp for raised structures. While in the U.S. due to high labor, shipping and material handling fees, padding and carpet is standard. Protection foil is recommended.


The most frequent hassle at trade shows is delivery to fairground. Be sure to deliver as per your assigned target move-in schedule and work with a reputable stand builder that has experience in delivering exhibit materials and the intricacies of customs regulations, if applicable.


As costs vary widely from country to country, work with a well-informed active global stand builder who can provide expert industry advice and range of cost saving exhibit options. Each country has its own set of rules and regulations. Taxes you were not expecting can seriously damage an exhibition budget. Just as in the U.S. union rules are strict and not abiding to them can be a big issue.

Global Exhibiting

Globalization and world trade is accelerating. It is essential to work with an active global exhibit contractor with proven capabilities to provide full service and ensure your brand image is being consistently applied continually.

Exhibiting in North America

Hourly labor costs are much higher. Exclusive union services are more expensive than in other parts of the world. Unlike fairs abroad, stand builders and fair organizers must abide with exclusive union jurisdictions, regulations, material handling fees, rigging, exclusive AV and electrical labor costs to hook-up. These exclusive services do not exist in other counties.

What are the key issues & dangers?

Not using a well-informed specialist and active global exhibit builder are the biggest pitfalls faced by most exhibitors. The ‘right’ builder will be able to take care of all the details, prevent most pitfalls and make your international program an out-of-this-world success.

Exhibition Guidelines

Each country, state, city, county, and facility all differ. Exclusive venue regulations, union jurisdictions, materials handling fees, utilities, and specific move-in target dates vary from fair to fair. It is imperative your stand builder has knowledge for the specific fair construction guidelines, procedures, and regulations. Our experience has always been that piecemeal work leads to definite problems and tensions that will become counter productive and costly.